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Clean Drinking water, toxic waterways and beaches, “Sunny Day” King Tide flooding, plastics in our food, sewer line breaks, dead Manatee and Fish Kill on our beaches, and the dreaded storm surge fears, yes many of us truly care about the environment with which we live, and want to do more, but wonder if our single actions can really make a difference.  Well yes they can! If you see something, say something.  Blue/Green algae can not only be toxic to sea life, but can also  be hazardous to inhale or to come in contact with.  If you see large areas of this green-slime floating on top of the water, broken sewer lines leaking into streets or canals, experience bad sewer smells, or sewer manholes leaking into streets, (see photos above)  please call:


Call 954-828-8000

 or contact City Leaders at:

 Mayor -

District 1 - 

District 2-

District 3 -

District 4-


1. DON’T BLOW IT- BAG IT! Please don’t blow landscaping debris into waterways  or storm drains.  Ask your landscapers to haul it away.

2. DON’T DUMP IT - PUMP IT!  If you own a boat…you know what I mean. Human waste should not be pumped into our precious waterways.

3. PLEASE don’t throw your plastic water bottles, meds, or other toxic substances into waterways…I’m sure none of us want it to come back to us in the foods that we eat.

4. Fertalizing is prohibited in the summer months   If you live on, or near the water- our Florida rainy season just washes all of that fertilizer into our waterways, and storm drains.

5.  LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!    Attend City meetings, requesting  that your tax dollars be spent on important issues like:

  • Update our City Infrastucture -(demand that our antiquated drinking and sewer lines be updated (all  4 inch cast iron pipes sewer pipes need to be replaced with 6 inch PVC)

  • storm drain filters and a crews that that remove the debris from those storm drains

  • Flood Mitigation needs to be at the forefront of City Spending - Temporary Water Sheds/Gardens to help manage flooding throughout the City, Sea-walls should all  include the addition of living sea-wall tiles to not only help restore our canals, but also break up rising water, and managed mangroves, the super heroes for our environment! 



We do not want another 200 million gallons of toxic wastewater

flowing into our streets and waterways....remember...

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